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Reckless Youth reckless youth
The adventures of an idiot modern day messiah and his varied group of strange friends. Reckless Youth is an unfinished leviathan of adventure comedy from my days in secondary school.

Will it ever be updated again? Maybe. Old habits die hard...
potato smiles
Based on the short story by David Gaffney.
This is a disturbing look into the life of a distraught individual
illustrated in Sin City type black and white for a college project.
The Moff the moff
the following: There is a man in charge of a popular TV show that makes some not well liked decisions. Then people complain about his decisions in a really immature way. This comic provides a vision of this impossible world.
if this be my destiny if this be my destiny
Spider-Man panels from the old days redrawn in a goofy way, some with major changes, some with minor changes. A little parody side project...
the manor jam
A comics jam from the comic genesis forums featuring participents' avatar characters, drawn by an awful lot of different people who coud jump in where they liked.

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